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What is HIPAA? How to make sure the software you use is HIPAA Compliant? Can Text Messaging be HIPAA Compliant?

Answers to these and other popular questions regarding HIPAA you can find in our blog. We are constantly sharing with you our insights and expertise to help make the right choice.

It's an open secret that for every business Data Compliance is the question of the highest importance. Client's personal data is gathered and stored by companies electronically, and they want to be sure there won't be any leaks. To handle and use sensitive information responsibly, several ...

Facebook and other social media companies have accurate information about the thoughts, feelings, and behaviors of millions of individuals. What these companies know is often more than what user’s therapists know.

When was HIPAA Established? Our HIPAA history lesson starts on August 21, 1996, when the Healthcare Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) was signed into law, but why was the HIPAA act created? HIPAA was created to “improve the portability and accountability of health insurance ...

HIPAA Compliant Text Messaging is a question that requires deep investigation. Nowadays, during the Covid-19 pandemia, people are constantly looking to communicate with each other and their doctors remotely. To make it happen, they are actively using text messaging. However, unlike friendly ...

Patients expect their healthcare providers to meet compliance regulations and keep their valuable information safe. Though, if you are HIPAA compliant, it doesn’t necessarily mean your data is secure. This article discusses the details of proper email security when it comes to HIPAA compliance. ...

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