Low Code Software

Low Code Software

Low Code Software is a type of platform, that supplies users with easy basic development space. You can create new apps without usual coding, but with the help of visual components there. Its popularity is growing because it is a great alternative to traditional software development. So, specialists who don’t know how to code can build user-friendly platforms. As for the healthcare companies that care about the security and privacy of their patients, they choose low code HIPAA Compliant software. Keeping up to HIPAA Standards reduces risks of data breaches and defends your patients’ PHI.

Zoho Creator

Rating: 10

Zoho Creator is a low-code platform that provides users with visal components and ready-made code sections environment, so that they can make applications that will meet all their business goals and requirements.


Rating: 9

OutSystems is a low-code platform for fast development of HIPAA-Compliant application of a high quality. If your business sicks a solution like this one, the review is for you!


Rating: 9.5

monday.com is a platform with a great customization that provides a qulified collaborative services and tools for teams of all sizes.


Rating: 8.6

Kohezion is a low-code, online database platform that delivers applications in a fraction of the time. At Kohezion, there is a mission is to provide users with the tools to develop their own software solutions that scale and grow along with their business.

Forms On Fire

Rating: 9.5

Forms On Fire is a mobile application that converts paper forms into electronic ones, automates some aspects of the workflow and manages and tracks complience.

Pondering what Low Code HIPAA Compliant Software to choose? Compare Low Code Software in our portal, so you can have a look and decide what platform to implement in your working process.

But if you still have questions regarding HIPAA Compliance of Low Code Software, feel free to contact us.

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