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Storage software is a computer data storage software that allows for policy-based provisioning and control of data storage that is independent of the underlying hardware.

Today, organizations and users require data storage to meet today’s high-level computational needs like big data projects, artificial intelligence, machine learning, and the internet of things. And the other side of requiring huge data storage amounts is protecting against data loss due to disaster, failure, or fraud. So, to avoid data loss, organizations can also employ data storage as backup solutions. HIPAA Compliant Storage software provides you with complete security and compliance to save your data.


Rating: 10

Clinical research data, loan applications, blueprints, and videos: it’s all content. And it’s your organization’s most valuable asset, no matter your industry. Box gives you a single, secure platform for managing the entire content lifecycle.


Rating: 10

Silicon Valley-based Cloudian brings the flexibility and simplicity of public cloud storage into customers’ data centers, simplifying management and reducing TCO by 70% versus conventional storage systems.


Rating: 8.6

SpiderOak is a company that first launched end-to-end encrypted cloud storage and file hosting tool in 2007. Now the company is providing solutions for secure remote telework, secure group messaging, and private blockchain applications.


Rating: 10

Dropbox is a cloud-based file-sharing and storage software system that caters to individuals and businesses of all sizes.


Rating: 8.2

HIPAA One is an automated solution that protects patient information without losing productivity.

Still face difficulties choosing the software that suits your business needs the most, have questions about HIPAA, or need HIPAA consultancy?

Don’t hesitate to contact us and we will get back to you shortly answering all your questions in regard to the HIPAA Compliant Storage Software or any.
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