HIPAA Consulting

What is HIPAA Consulting?

HIPAA Consulting is the consulting offered by compliance experts with a deep understanding of the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act and associated legislation. If you allege that your software is HIPAA compliant, you need to make sure it matches reality. To facilitate this process, we can provide you with the validated data from our compliance experts. Our team has experience working in compliance leadership roles within top healthcare companies, specializing in various aspects of the Act, with their areas of expertise including risk assessments, training, and incident management.

HIPAA Consulting

How to Understand that You Need HIPAA Consultancy?

  • You are working in the sphere that requires compliance;
  • You are facing with risk challenge that requires a compliance expert who understands the nuances of your industry;
  • You are looking to achieve industry certification or accreditation;
  • You want to make sure that that your business is meeting its compliance obligations.

HIPAA Consulting Services

Our consultants work alongside you to assess your business. After the detailed analysis, we will provide you with an independent report, detail key findings, and give recommendations. This is the information that will help you to move forward in your business.

Our consultants will advise and map out what you need to do to achieve full compliance.

After working with HIPAA Software, you’ll get benefits from a more in-depth understanding of the state of compliance in your business. Moreover, after the consultancy, your company will be ready to apply for any licensing, accreditation,  certification program, or to obtain the seal of compliance.

All consultations with our experts and the information exchanged remain strictly confidential. Don’t jeopardize the future of your business, work with trusted professionals.

Request HIPAA Consulting Information

Request HIPAA Consulting Information

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