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HIPAA Compliant Database SoftwareHIPAA Compliant Database Software is designed to create databases and store, manage, change, search, and extract the information. The purpose of a database is to assist in organizing and storing large volumes of data, which ultimately improves data accessibility. Hence, you can improve your data analysis and get actionable insights without any delays by using the best database management system.

There are various database management tools that help take care of the company database management system. We’ve prepared for you the top HIPAA compliant comprehensive programs that allow you to store data in structured fields, tables, and columns, which can then be retrieved directly and/or through programmatic access.


Rating: 10

MySQL is a cloud-based scalable database management system, which enables organizations to securely record, update and manage data.


Rating: 10

MariaDB frees companies from the costs, constraints and complexity of proprietary databases, enabling them to reinvest in what matters most – rapidly developing innovative, customer-facing applications.


Rating: 10

ArangoDB is a cloud-based multi-model database management software that helps create queries for graphs, documents and key values in one SQL-like query language.


Rating: 8.6

VaccineCheck is your verified digital card that allows you to take your personal health data wherever you go.


Rating: 8.6

Kohezion is a low-code, online database platform that delivers applications in a fraction of the time. At Kohezion, there is a mission is to provide users with the tools to develop their own software solutions that scale and grow along with their business.

Still face difficulties choosing the software that suits your business needs the most, have questions about HIPAA, or need HIPAA consultancy?

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