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Choosing corporate software is a responsible and hard-to-decide step for every small or even midsize business. It requires much time and effort that could rather be devoted to growing and other areas of improvement.

That is actually one of the areas HIPAA – Software may become your best and most efficient advisor, providing the most precise and deep analysis of the software solutions you have been dreaming of.

To get started – simply go through the following steps

The more information you get – the more questions you have. Deep investigations are really time-consuming and useless, and if you are reading this guide now, it means Hipaa-Software did it all for you.

Next, you will find instructions on how to use our reviews in full and get the maximum of what we have been investigating exactly for your company.


Choose reviews for your job or industry

Good artists copy, great artists steal. But is that a crime to use or check someone else’s experience, especially if you are both providing alike services? Check the reviews of those, who are in your industry, who have the same requirements, who face the same challenges. It may give you a lot of new information and tips, which will push you to make the right decision.

If you have any specific concerns regarding industry or company size which are related to the software choice, people like you will most likely share those concerns in the reviews. Each product review on provides the reviewer’s job title, industry, number of employees, and time spent using the software.


Find the common themes in topics

While surfing the software reviews, pay extra attention to recurring themes in comments. Double-check the themes that are close to your priorities and goals, for example:

  • Comments regarding the presence or lack of certain feature
  • Comments regarding software usability
  • Comments or complaints regarding software interface
  • Comments regarding software impact on business
  • Comments regarding vendor’s client service

The more common appreciations or complaints you notice – the bigger probability you will have them as well if choosing particular software.


Investigate the features you need with HIPAA-Software reviews 

Don’t hesitate to spend some extra time investigating reviews as it may touch information or features you could not even think of to be useful or obligatory for the software you search for. Maybe this information will update the list of requirements or tips you want to have in the required solution.

Reviews, being based on real experience, also help determine what features are really “in need” and which are “optional” and may be somehow omitted. Besides, this helps greatly to consider your budget and choose a pricing plan.


Make the most of investigations based on user reviews

Deep investigations are time and effort-consuming. If you are short of it and need to find the best solution to cope with all the challenges you face – take advantage of what is already done for you by others.

Software selection will become not a problem, but an interesting occupation and adopting the experience of other users from your industry. Kill two birds with one stone – it may become even easier than you think. 


Add your review to help others

Every review you see at is written by a real user, a person, who decided to share his experience and help someone to get rid of their doubts in this responsible decision of choosing the right software for business. Why not become somebody’s superhero, leave your true review and earn some karma points?

HIPAA Software does more than just collecting reviews, we are creating an ecosystem to help businesses solve their problems and push services to a brand new level. Stay tuned!

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