What is HIPAA Compliant Help Desk Software?

If you run any business, it is important to have convenient a help desk for working with clients. This software provides customers with information and support services. It can streamline support processes and provide analytics of all communication channels. HIPAA Compliant Help Desk Software enables organizations to respond more efficiently and securely to users. So, it is a really good ticketing system and a great management tool for employees.

There are a lot of crucial benefits of having such software. For example, you easily organize external customer inquiries into tickets for support agents. Tickets can be assigned to support agents for prompt service. Besides, help desks aggregate inquiries from emails and a customer portal.

HIPAA Compliant Help Desk Software Features

If your help desk is HIPAA compliant, it must have some supreme features. Most importantly, it regards confidentiality, integrity, and availability of protected health information. Choosing software, we advise to pay attention to its compliance and check for data backup, user authentication, access and audit controls.

Each user needs individual login credentials to entrance the software platform. Administrators track data access patterns with data and time due to audit controls. They control and indicate different employee access levels inside the software. In addition, HIPAA help desks avert data loss or breaches. You can avoid unauthorized access to sensitive data if you use encryption. Security is one of the most important things in the modern world.

HIPAA Compliant Help Desk

Best Examples of Help Desk Software

Nowadays there are plenty of high-quality help desks with HIPAA compliance. It is especially difficult to choose software at the begging of your work. You can read reviews and try demo versions to find something made defiantly for you. For instance, you can trust such solutions as JitBit, Freshdesk, TeamSupport, Giva, and Help Scout.

JitBit is a support ticketing system that offers both SaaS and “on-premise” versions at a very reasonable price. The product is available both in cloud-based and on-premise deployment options and features a mobile app for both iOS and Android devices.

Freshdesk is a cloud-based helpdesk system, offering powerful solutions for customer service. Freshdesk unifies conversations from email, phone, web, chat, and social, and helps you resolve issues across channels effortlessly.

TeamSupport is a post-sale award-winning customer support software company built specifically for the unique needs of B2B technology-enabled companies within the computer software, hardware, information technology services, and telecom industries.TeamSupport has spent the past decade creating a support solution that helps build intense customer bases for its clients.

Give is a cloud-based IT help desk with ticketing, knowledgebase, asset management, change management, dashboards, a self-service portal, user satisfaction surveys, reporting, and a mobile app at a very affordable price. It is highly customizable without any programming and very intuitive and simple to configure with default settings to get you started.

Help Scout is a cloud-based help desk solution that can help small businesses and small teams manage their customer relationships. It is like any other help desk, but the customer experience feels personalized like email.


So, HIPAA compliant help desk software is an integral part of productive work. If your organization uses it for management, you and your employees are provided with security and data protection. It is one of the best ways to prevent data breaches and losses. If you integrate your help desk tool with network and server monitoring functions, your IT department will be always aware of potential device failures. Moreover, there is a handy ticketing system to respond more efficiently. By providing top-quality customer support and assistance, your business can earn customer loyalty without any complications.

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