5 Tips to Prevent a Data Breach

We are sure no one wants to face a data breach and search for tips to prevent a data breach. However, a small amount of people knows how to avoid this modern nightmare. So many hackers, disgruntled employees and, terrorists try to defraud data all over the world. Mostly a data breach occurs because employees accidentally leak PHI. There are also many other potential HIPAA threats and risks. Phishing, brute force attacks, and malware are becoming a real problem.

Fortunately, you can do many things right now for your data protection and avoidance of HIPAA violations and penalties. We have chosen the five most common tips to prevent a data breach:

Clear Bring Your Own Device Policy

If your employees use their own devices, like cell phones or laptops to work, you must have a strict policy on working spots. Above all, the most essential steps include encrypting devices, allowing the IT department to configure personal devices, requiring regular password changes, etc. If a device is lost or stolen, the IT specialists should reserve the right to wipe it. All of your employees should strictly follow the requirements.

Tips to Prevent a Data Breach

Antivirus Software and Firewalls

One of the most popular ways to prevent effectively ransomware and brute force attacks is using firewalls and antivirus software. Sometimes it is much better to buy premium versions. Hackers are always developing new scamming methods. Therefore, you should remember to update your software regularly not to allow hackers to steal your data.

Tips to Prevent a Data Breach

Training Employees to Recognize Phishing Scams

Not everyone is familiar enough with phishing or malware. Employees may accidentally give hackers information about secure databases. Such emails often look like legitimate ordinary ones asking for login credentials. The best way to prevent it is certainly to avoid clicking on any links from mysterious senders.

Tips to Prevent a Data Breach

Revision and Regular Risk Analysis Update

You need to consider all the possible ways in which your company could accidentally disclose PHI. For instance, It includes evolving technology, hackers` coming up with new scams, changing your rules, or hiring new employees. All these actions require your attention to get maximum security.

Tips to Prevent a Data Breach

Revision Cybersecurity Policies with Staff on a Regular Basis

It is not enough just to document your cybersecurity policies. If your staff does not know the rules, they may not eventually follow them. Employees who are always up to date on the company`s regulations and rules will avoid cyberattacks and data breaches.

There is no one method that can protect against these kinds of attacks, so these strategies should be used simultaneously. In addition, the best thing you can do is allow an expert to guide you through the process of becoming HIPAA compliant.

If you know more good tips, share them with us and our readers to be exactly aware of data breach prevention.

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